Confronting Our Housing Crisis

One of the biggest challenges we face throughout the San Francisco Bay Area is the displacement of local renters when naturally affordable buildings are sold on the open market to buyers who immediately push rents up, forcing existing tenants out. With few rental options available, these hard working tenants must often move out of the county leaving behind family, institutional knowledge and jobs we need filled.  HIP Housing is one of the few local non-profits able to effectively own and operate small-scale properties.  

Binoculars  Biology ClassThis is a touching story of how a longtime landlord reached out to the City of Redwood City to transition the ownership of multi-family property to Hip Housing to keep rents affordable and save tenants from possible eviction. 

Getting Back on Track

Like any parent, Karen wants her son to have the best education and opportunities in life.  As a single mother, Karen encountered challenges trying to raise her son in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Karen joined the Hip Housing Self Sufficiency Program which stabilized her living arrangements so that she can focus on her education and achieve her goal to become a child psychologist.