Confronting Our Housing Crisis

One of the biggest challenges we face throughout the San Francisco Bay Area is the displacement of local renters when naturally affordable buildings are sold on the open market to buyers who immediately push rents up, forcing existing tenants out. With few rental options available, these hard working tenants must often move out of the county leaving behind family, institutional knowledge and jobs we need filled.  HIP Housing is one of the few local non-profits able to effectively own and operate small-scale properties.  

Binoculars  Biology ClassThis is a touching story of how a longtime landlord reached out to the City of Redwood City to transition the ownership of multi-family property to Hip Housing to keep rents affordable and save tenants from possible eviction. 

Getting Back on Track

Like any parent, Karen wants her son to have the best education and opportunities in life.  As a single mother, Karen encountered challenges trying to raise her son in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Karen joined the Hip Housing Self Sufficiency Program which stabilized her living arrangements so that she can focus on her education and achieve her goal to become a child psychologist.

Skyline College: Our Promise

For the past 17 years, Kingston Media has created award-winning short films for Skyline College's annual President's Council Breakfast.  On March 16th, 2017, Kingston Media premiered "Skyline College: Our Promise" to over 400 attendees at the South San Francisco Conference Center.  Kingston Media produced this short film in partnership with Skyline College as well as provided audio/visual projection services for the live event.

Binoculars  Biology Class

Ending Chronic Homelessness

San Mateo County has made a commitment to end homelessness in the community by 2020. The County’s plan sets a strategic direction that will lead to measurable reductions in the number of people experiencing homelessness and ensure systems are in place to respond swiftly and effectively when housing crises occur. Kingston Media in partnership with the Human Service Agency produced this video to equip police officers serving in the front line with resources available to assist the homeless population in San Mateo County.


A Homeless Outreach Team has been established to assist with this effort and to reduce the revolving door of individuals returning back to the streets. 

World War II Legacy Exhibit

Come discover Peninsula at War! San Mateo County’s World War II Legacy Exhibit. Kingston Media in partnership with the San Mateo County Historical Association has produced a 30-second TV commercial to promote this exhibit filled with amazing stories and artifacts. The World War II Legacy Exhibit officially opens on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7th.


Kingston Media represented the San Mateo County Historical Association as the media buyer in purchasing air time on a variety of cable networks in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout the month of December.

Thriller Comes to Colma

How about some 80s nostalgia?  Just in time for the holidays, Thriller has come to town.  Kingston Media has created a 30-second parody to promote shopping in Colma.  Kingston Media would like to thank Holly Cross Cemetery, Target, Stewart Chevrolet, and our local actors for bringing this satire alive.  Kingston Media wishes you a wonderful holiday season and “Have a Thrill of a Time Shopping in Colma”!


This spot will be televised during the holiday season as Kingston Media also served as Colma’s media buyer in purchasing air time on a variety of cable networks throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pledge for Inclusion

The Pledge for Inclusion is to accept, respect, and include people of all abilities including peers with special needs and disabilities.  Kingston Media in partnership with Gatepath developed a 30-second spot to promote the campaign. This spot featuring former NFL players Todd Husak and Eric Heitmann, and Gatepath clients premiered in front of 45,000 Stanford fans at their football season opener. 


California Teachers Association

Kingston Media partnered with the California Teachers Association on a production for their Member Benefits Program.  This video was created to provide an overview of the many opportunities available to all California Teacher Association members.  Kingston Media traveled throughout California to film some of our California well respected educators.


Biotech Capital of the World

Home to the world’s largest biotech campus with over 210 biotechnology companies, South San Francisco is the biotech capital of the world. For the past 40 years, South San Francisco has been committed to innovation and a strong supporter of the biotech industry. Kingston Media partnered with the City of South San Francisco to create this promotional video. We would like to thank Theravance Biopharma, Sutro Biopharma, and NGM Biopharmaceuticals for opening their doors to our production crew and Kristen Condie for lending her voice to this production.


Every 15 Minutes

For the past 16 years, Kingston Media has been partnering with police and fire departments throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to educate teenagers on the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol.  The Every 15 Minutes program challenges students to think about drinking, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved.  Please note, while this film is only a reenactment, there are graphic images.



Kingston Media recently created a television commercial in partnership with Cañada College to promote their iCanBecome campaign.  Cañada College is one the great jewels of the San Mateo County Community College District.  Located on a beautiful parcel near Redwood City, Cañada College offers top quality classes with amazing teachers to inspire students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals.