Trial by Fire: The San Bruno Pipeline Disaster (DVD)


At about 6pm on Sept. 9, 2010 a 30” natural gas pipe in the Crestmoor neighborhood of San Bruno exploded suddenly and violently, producting a 600 foot pillar of fire that instantly incinerated several home.  In the ensuing 6-8 hour firestorm, 38 homes were destroyed and eight lives lost. 

“Trial by Fire” explores the events of Sept. 9 form the points of view of those who fought the fire and those who lived through it.  Through interviews, frontline firefighters, police officers, city officials and homeowners remember that day and its aftermath.  Through news footage and images captured on cell phones, internet and YouTube, we get close to the sights and sounds of the fire. 

That the events of Sept. 9 got national attention is not surprising, that the problems it made manifest have not been resolved, is, and should be, frightening to us all.

Price: $24.95