BAWSCA: Representing Your Voice

Are you familiar with the Bay Area Water Conservation Agency?  BAWSCA’s member agencies rely on the San Francisco Regional Water System for water to protect the health, safety and economic well-being of 1.8 million residents, 40,000 businesses, and thousands of community organizations in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

BAWSCA is responsible for ensuring a reliable supply of water when and where it is needed.  BAWSCA has always defended and protected the interests of all water customers and member agencies it represents and will always take a stand against any threat to the region’s water supply.

Throughout BAWSCA’s history, the organization set out and achieved a strategic set of goals that has benefited water customers in the region. From safety, to cost savings, to conservation, BAWSCA has always focused on delivering results; starting with monitoring San Francisco’s 4.8-billion-dollar Water System Improvement Program.