"Colma: A Journey of Souls"

"Colma: A Journey of Souls" Film Trailer 

“Colma: A Journey of Souls” is the epic story of the evolution of a small town that was initially formed to preserve and protect the dead.  Incorporated as a necropolis, the town not only serves as a monument to the San Francisco Bay Area, but also grew into a vibrant residential and commercial area within the backdrop of cemeteries.  With over 1.5 million dead and over 1700 living residents Colma truly is a unique town. 

"Colma: A Journey of Souls" Opening Sequence

This is the opening sequence to the feature documentary "Colma: A Journey of Souls".  This film offers breathtaking images of the vast cemeteries throughout Colma. This feature documentary explores the earliest days of Colma, to the eviction and migration of cemeteries from San Francisco, into the birth of a suburban community and commercial area within the backdrop of a United Nations of cemeteries.