George R. Moscone: A Legacy of Public Service

Currently in post-production and set for release Spring of 2012, this inspirational story of a young man from San Francisco, who was raised by a single working mother and made his mark in public service, is told in first person narratives by George's colleagues, the journalists who covered his career, his friends, family, and people in and out of government. A production of the George R. Moscone Institute for Public Service in association with Kingston Media and National Image Works. We hope that you will enjoy this brief preview.

A Production of the George R. Moscone Center for Public Service, this is an excerpt from the upcoming documentary, "Mayor George Moscone: A Man of the People". Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi, fresh from breakfast with President Obama, sat down with us to discuss how Mayor Moscone opened up San Francisco City Hall and the corridors of power to women, minorities, gays, and lesbians.  This film is currently in production and is being produced in partnership with Jon Rubin of National Image Works.