Redwood City: A Voyage of Innovation

Kingston Media produced the award-winning historical documentary: "Redwood City: A Voyage of Innovation", in recognition of the city's sesquicentennial celebration in 2017. This clip is the opening sequence to the documentary. The film features Redwood City's founding, annexation of Redwood Shores, and its' metamorphosis from a small suburb into a booming Silicon Valley city.

During its' earliest days, Redwood City developed rapidly because of its' deepwater port. Settlers established a series of wharves for shipping lumber and other products creating an Embarcadero.

150 years later, Redwood City has evolved into a modern Silicon Valley city with over 85,000 residents. It has a thriving downtown with high density housing, shops, restaurants, and a theatre district. The Port of Redwood City remains a valuable commercial resource and recreational asset with an aquatic marina. A culture of creativity, innovation, and risk taking continues to draw world renowned companies and high-tech startups to Redwood City.